Kai Oelfke


A summary of what I did in my life so far.


About me:


I traveled to more than 60 countries. Traveling alone challenges you in various ways that can only result in personal growth. Every country gives you a new perspective on life.

After traveling fast and globally, I try to travel slower and locally. Trustroots and Couchsurfing are great platforms to do that. Hosting travelers is amazing to experience the diversity of the world. I think the world benefits, if we host people from different cultures at least sometimes. I hosted and surfed more than a hundred times.


I first learned that less is more when packing my bag for traveling.

Since then, I keep decluttering my apartment, devices and life. There's a hidden price for anything you add to your life.


I'm interested in pragmatic philosophy as a science of how to live a better life.

Currently, I practice stoicism, but it can change in the future. I recommend The Manual by Epictetus to get started. I use and recommend the stoic app.

I also like the school of life.


I hated running in school and I was one of the slowest guys.

But I decided to give it another try with 27 years in the fall of 2019. Back then I could not run for 30 minutes without a break.

It's now an important habit for me. I love pushing my boundaries with running. I did a 1/4 iron man distance with 45km of cycling, 10.5km running and 1km swimming. On the 11.10.2020 I spontaneously did my first half-marathon. It's great to achieve something that felt impossible before.


I also like cycling. It's my preferred mode of transport in cities. My longest distance in one day so far is 90km. At some point in my life, I want to travel to another continent by cycling.

Intermittent Fasting

I'm fasting daily since July 2019. Currently around 16h.

In my personal and subjective experience it improves my cognitive and physical performance, increases sleep quality and I appreciate food more.

My longest fast was 40h.

I use my own fasting app for tracking my fasting.

Making and Entrepreneurship

Making is the reason why I like technology and developing software. It allows to create new things to solve problems.

Being entrepreneurial to me isn't necessarily about making money, but the behavior of tackling problems as they come. It's an attitude and not making a business.

Time and Money

Time is the most valuable resource I have. Therefore, I don't like to waste it.

I follow the passive investment approach.


I want to learn every day and not stagnate.

Questions? Thoughts?

Just contact me.