Food in Thailand

Like many countries in South East Asia Thailand offers amazing variety for very affordable prices

As German, I like to complain about people taking photos of their food all the time. So for this article, I had to change my mind. Actually, photos can serve as a nice memory. Many people nowadays travel for food and the recipes, ingredients, and spices are a part of the culture of a country. It can help other people as a recommendation or when you try to find a recipe to cook a dish. Almost all of the food was 20 - 60 THB or 0,50 - 1,5 € at that time. Plus friends kept asking me for food photos so without further redo I share some of the food I enjoyed in Thailand.

Besides great food, Thailand has quite decent coffee. Especially in Chiang Mai, there are many great cafes. Another highlight is all the delicious fruits you can get for 0,50 € - 1 €. Plus the smoothies they make with them. In Europe, these fruits are expensive and usually not available anyway.

Another cool thing is Thai BBQ. Most Asian countries have some sort of BBQ, but it can be quite different e.g. Korean BBQ. A friend showed me this cool place, which was essentially a giant all you can eat BBQ buffet for 5 € or 10 € with more seafood. Nonalcoholic drinks were also included though I was only drinking the water as the tea, Thai coke or fruit juices were way too sweet for me.

And last but not least there are cheap desserts, but nothing special here. Usually, I just had fruits though.

Some people are afraid of street food. I ate tons of it in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. Even raw chicken one time in Japan. I never had a problem. My only food poisoning was in Croatia. Of course one can be unlucky, but it’s really worth to try.

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