Couchsurfing in Da Nang, Vietnam

Including many trips on the motorbike

We got really amazing Couchsurfing hosts in Da Nang. They made our Vietnam trip so much better! Our hosts were actually twins: Dac Toan and Đắc Hảo.

After arriving at the airport Lars and I were a bit lost and it took some until we found the shop, where the family of our hosts sells blankets. These blankets and other products they sew in their home, which is a bit out of town and was very interesting to discover. We got up around 6 - 7 am every morning with loud music, which honestly was a bit tough in the beginning, but allowed also to make the most out of the day without wasting time. They were driving us with their two scooters around all day making logistics very easy. Thanks to them we had the chance to make a few awesome day trips and also meet their friends.

Waterfall Day Trip

One of those day trips was to a waterfall and small river including a BBQ in nature. We bought some meat, vegetables and big banana leafs as plates in a market. These markets in South East Asia are always stunning. So much food and also other products. Europeans might be concerned with the hygiene and raw meat, but I never experienced any issue traveling and eating anything. Even raw chicken in Japan. Perhaps I am just lucky so far. My only food poisoning was in Croatia. After about 1 hour on the motorbike, there was a short hike up to the waterfall. It was very beautiful. The only problem was that other people seemed to have picnics here before and simply left their trash. I have seen tourists polluting nature in so many places, whether at Machu Picchu, Peru or in Hallasan, South Korea. It’s simply irresponsible.

One thing I did not know before is that many people in South East Asia cannot swim. In Europe, you often learn it in school, which is not the case here. People work hard and swimming lessons can be expensive. While our hosts could swim the two female friends that joined the trip could not. We tried to teach them so basic steps, but it wasn’t as easy. At one point I was even drowning a bit as they got into the too deep water and instinctively hold both of my arms. Without my arms, I could only use my feet. It was a serious situation, but nothing happened. Otherwise, it was very peaceful.

From Da Nang to Hue including Hai Van Pass plus Couchsurfing in a village

As we were traveling from the south of Vietnam to the north the plan was to go to Hue from Da Nang. And from there take a train to Hanoi. Dac and Dac offered us to drive there to also see the view from the Hai Van Pass and sleep one night in the village of their uncle and aunt. The Hai Van Pass has really nice views as you can see in the photos. But the highlight was to sleep one night in the little village. The uncle and aunt of our twins were old but so hospital and friendly. They seemed very grateful to have visitors and immediately made us a noodle soup with an egg of their own free roaming chickens.

The landscape

We also visited Hue and Hoi An with them, but I did not find pictures, unfortunately. Again thank you Dac and Dac for hosting us. It was yet another great Couchsurfing experience.

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