Kai Oelfke

What am I grateful for

(This is a gratitude page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too. The page is permanent work in progress and grows.)


Thanks to the people in Penang for making it feel like a second home to me.

Thanks to my couchsurfing guests and hosts for expanding my perspectives, enriching my travel experiences and inspiring me.

Thanks to all travel hackers for letting me explore the world on a budget.

JA Alumni and OCEANS Network

Thanks to JA Alumni and OCEANS Network for the opportunity to work on meaningful projects and learn. Thanks for the chance to collaborate with amazing people in many places on the planet.

Thanks to my high school teacher D. Radde for allowing me to participate in the JA company program.

People in Tech, Indie Hackers & Bootstrappers

Thanks for the inspiration, sharing knowledge and support with side projects and indie hacking.

Pieter Levels, Jason Fried, Arvid Kahl, Sergio Mattei, Derek Sivers, Courtland Allen, Rob Walling, Rosie Sherry, my MicroConf mastermind group and my customers. And thanks for the inspiration Lars, Leonie, Tomáš, Naro, Simon, Basti, Sona, Tauras, Linda, Bastian, Kay, Min, Juma, Sebastian and Ulli for also working on your own things.

There's so many people, who contributed to make things work behind the scenes that I can't name all.

DHH, Paul Hudson, Chris Oliver, Dave Verwer, Gwendal Roué, Felix Krause, Soroush Khanlou, Dave Verwer, Joseph Heck and my high school and university computer science tutors and teachers.

Friends and Family

Thanks to my friends around the globe and my family for your support and love.