Theo zahlt

The app connects customers, service providers or vendors and banks to allow customers to pay by credit in an easy and fast manner. For example buying a vacation or dental surgery in installments.

Network4finance AG

Project time: April 2013 - October 2014

Technologies used:

  • OCR & OpenCV
  • Touch based Signatures
  • Custom UI
  • SOAP
  • Git with GitHub
  • Objective-C

Example Tasks:

1. OCR of passports and identity cards:

Users have to verify their identity for a credit. Also this allows to prefill forms with data recognized from the passport. So that the user doesn’t have to fill in everything manually. I implemented with OpenCV a feature to recognize a passport in an image taken by the iPad camera. The image is then transformed and cropped as the OCR API used required a clear image without an angle.

2. Dynamic forms including validation for risk assessment and credit credibility

Different banks require different information based on previously entered information of the customer and credit. The app and API supports multiple banks and for example as the user types a credit exceeding a treshold can result in new fields in the form. Also forms can be changed with this without an App Store update to deal with changing requirements from banks and law.

3. Complete custom design based on specification:

All UI elements and views were customized in terms of color, fonts and layout based on the design delivered by the customer.